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Wedding Trend: Drip Wedding Cakes

Drip wedding cakes are such a nice trend and well worth all the craze and attention they’re getting.

5 Delicacies From Efik Cuisine You Can Add to Your Wedding Menu

When it comes to great food, Nigeria cuisine certainly isn't lacking; but few tribes are lauded for their delicacies as much as the Efik.

15 Alternatives To A Conventional Wedding Cake

The traditional wedding cake with three or more tiers may not be every couple’s forte. Here are 15 alternatives to a conventional wedding cake:

1 Cupcake Pyramid

5 Easy To Prepare Weight-Loss Smoothies

It’s the final quarter of 2016 and you are contemplating a 360 degree turn around in your “non-active” lifestyle because you have been influenced by the Instagram fitfam.

Pretty Floral Wedding Cakes

Cakes are essential at every wedding.

They are different sizes,shapes and designs but we are bringing you floral wedding cakes.

They stand out because of the floral designs.

Mom Baked Her Daughter a Chandelier Wedding Cake That Hangs From the Ceiling

When Absolutely Edible Cakes owner Nikki Jackson made the cake for her own daughter Toddreana’s wedding, she knew she had to do something special.

How To Make Your Wedding Cocktails

We bring you lovely cocktails recipes that you can add to your drinks menu.

These cocktails could be served at the wedding reception.

We hope you love it as much as we do.

Modern Nigerian Wedding Menu

Who does not love food?  We don't know about you but We absolutely love food. 

After the service and the entertainment, it's only right to eat and be merry. 

Outstanding Cake Art By Cakes By Tosan

At every wedding, its essential to get that perfect Cake.

Below are pictures of beautiful cakes by Cakes by Tosan. 





Potato Recipes To Add To Your Wedding Menu

Make your wedding a unique one by serving these delicious healthy potato dishes.


Ingredients for Mash and soup

• 2 lbs. Irish potatoes