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Unconventional Pre- Wedding Shoot Ideas

You know those pictures that you take before your wedding to announce that
indeed, plans are underway for the ceremony? You have to nail those photos.
Everyone’s doing pre-wedding or engagement shoots but don’t do one just for
the sake of it. You want yours to be unique and well thought out.

Besides, it’s your chance to shut down those exes who keep blowing up your
line at unheavenly hours. Even the ladies who give you the eye when you’re
out at night, tensioning Lagos with bae, they better know with these pics.
Yes honey, you’re the chosen one.

Here are some unconventional pre-wedding shoot ideas you should use this year:

Photo via pinterest

Posing in the desert

Unconventional is flying to Dubai for a pre-wedding shoot and wearing desert safari outfits while posing on the sand like you were getting a tan at the beach. Don’t forget your bedazzling cheekbone highlight and nice conditioning beard oil and balm for bae - Talk about hot! If you can’t go to Dubai, don’t despair. The Savannah region of Northern Nigeria will give you a similar effect.

Photo source: Jessiedee.net

Acrobatic poses

Are you a couple that works out together or practices acro-yoga together? One (or both) of you may even be able to hold a pose on a pole while the other presents a romantic gesture. This kind of pose is not for the faint-hearted, it’s only for the fit-fam couple!

Photo via Pinterest

Bae-watch on the beach

Care to show off what you’ve been working on all year? Or what you haven’t? Rock your swim suit and sunglasses, and look unbothered while holding on to your future hubby’s hand. Since we’re being bougie, take it up a notch by getting off the beach and into a boat like this couple. Alternatively, you can opt for a relaxed piggy-back ride pose, sporting big, perfect smiles.

Photo: divineninelover.com

Underwater chilling

You can choose to do an in-motion pose underwater fully clothed, holding hands and kissing, or just being goofy. This pose definitely spells out unconventional and you would be the talk of the town.

Photo source: bunmiadedipe.com

City Landmark

Use the beauty in your city to manifest your excitement.

Strike a pose in the centre of the National Stadium, or pose by your car on third mainland bridge while commuters speed past.

Playing Dress -Up

Remember, every Fela has a Kalakuta queen! Get creative and have fun playing dress-up for your pre-wedding shoot.

Would you try any of these ideas or are these too far-fetched? Simple is nice, but its 2018, let’s tension the crowd with new ideas!

Written by Feso Adeniji