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Spark Up the Lost Flame in Your Relationship

At the initial stage of every normal romantic relationship, the "butterflies in the tummy" moments seem endless. The couple will be so much into each other, attend different occasions together and even at that; they won't be able to get enough of each other.

As time goes on, the spark in the relationship gradually reduces. This is absolutely normal, it does not mean your partner has stopped loving you, or he/she is no more interested in the relationship. It just shows you have to be deliberate about keeping your relationship lit! Here are some tips on how to bring back that spark you once had in your relationship.

1. Work on your physical appearance

More often than not, we get attracted to people based on their looks and that may be the first thing that got your partner's attention towards you. Meanwhile, as a result of stress, childbirth, over-familiarity with your partner e.t.c you simply got relaxed, and you hardly make an effort to look good as before. To help restore the spark, it is necessary you work on your physical appearance. Get nice outfits, smell good, make your hair, if you need to lose some weight either the guy or the lady, please do that. Your partner will notice the change, and maybe that's what is needed to rekindle the fire.

2. Surprise your partner

Look for something your partner will love and surprise him/her. It does not have to be your partner's birthday or Valentine's Day. Simply do something unique and let your partner know you still feel the same way about him/her. It may not be something very expensive, but the reason behind the act will help a long way in sending a good message to your spouse.

3. Complement each other

Complement each other, this has a way of building your partner's self-esteem. If your partner just made her hair, say something sweet like ‘wow! you look good' or 'You are all shades of bea-u-ti-ful with this look' This shows her effort is not in vain. Doing this often shows you pay attention to his/her effort and you appreciate it.

4. Go on dates

Pick a day of the week to go on a "just the two of us" outing, look 'every shade of gorgeousness'. It will help bring back the good old memories of how things used to be in the past.

In summary, try to avoid any form of distraction when both of you are together, switch off your phone and enjoy each other's company. Also, understand your partner's love language and use it. 

Written by Temitope Ikusika