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Reception Dress Inspiration: Jewel Tones

It is now the custom for brides to change into a reception dress after the wedding ceremony. This second dress tends to be more fun, sexy and yet comfortable enough to let a girl eat and dance to her heart’s content. They come in all colours, and right now we are really loving jewel tones. This time of the year coincides with fall/autumn in temperate climes when richer, deeper hues come out to play. The dresses below will make you look like you’re covered in precious stones. A bride deserves to feel like royalty on her big day. 

Few things are as breathtaking as this deep dark red, the colour of red garnets.

Photo Credit: @atheleclass

At first glance, this dress is an already beautiful Aquamarine blue, but look closely, and you’ll see iridescent flecks of green more like the gemstone Opal. Magic.

Photo Credit: @aklfakin

This dark Emerald dress by Afrik Couture is a work of art. The gold accents are an amazing complement to the deep green.

Photo Credit: @afrikcouture

This one is sure to blind your haters. The colour is a rare gem. The only thing that comes close to this stunning chartreuse is the beautiful Peridot gemstone.

Photo Credit: @leoalmodal

Ah, this gorgeous deep red with pink undertones can only be sartorial equivalent of the beloved Ruby. Beverly Naya is a vision in this fringe dress from Fablane by Derin.

Photo Credit: @fablanebyderin

The precious, expensive sapphire is outstandingly represented by this dramatic cobalt blue gown. At this point, who even cares if a guest wore white? Nobody is stealing the spotlight from a bride dressed like this.

Photo Credit: @leoalmodal

Peep this simple silhouette in lovely Jade. Could a dress be more perfectly cut? The illusion bodice is some of the best work we have seen thus far.

Photo Credit: @tonychaayaofficial

You might not have heard of the Taeffite because it is a very rare and expensive gem, but you can embody its beauty in a dress as striking as this one. You are of course a rare gem, right?

Photo Credit: @paolo_sebastian

What a Queen. Purple is reminiscent of the Amethyst and happens to be the colour of royalty. Pair that with lush fabric and an expert hand and this is the glory that results. Halleluyah.

Photo Credit: Kamdora.com

We couldn’t resist throwing in another Emerald number. Can’t have too much of a beautiful thing and this, dear friends, is a killer dress.

Photo Credit: @malyarovaolga

Written by Sandra N.U.