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Most Affordable Places to Have a Wedding Reception

So, it turns out that you're planning the event of your life and you need a venue.
However, you just realized how much you'll spend: photographer, food,
wedding dress, the cake! And an expensive venue will just break your back.
So you think, “what’s the fuss about? I shouldn't have to spend so much!”
Whether it is because you're working with a budget, or you’re planning for
only a few guests, you need a place where you can have a beautiful and yet
affordable wedding reception.You do have options within your budget!

Here are a few affordable centres to consider:

Kajuru Castle, Kaduna

Kajuru castle is a private property that offers more than just an event hall. In fact, you own the whole facility for the period you book it for. This includes the swimming pool, a sauna, the rooms and you also get to view the beautiful sites surrounding it. It is a perfect place for a simple private getaway reception. The prices range from ₦260,000 daily to ₦310,000 regular plan and a ₦570,000 naira weekly plan. It can accommodate up to 150,000 guests. One thing you have to consider is the food. You have to get a catering service that can decide to make the meals over there or carry it along to the venue.

Photo: Kajuru Castle: hotels.ng

Etal Hotels And Halls, Lagos

This event centre is located in Apapa Lagos. It surely does have a tempting offer of ₦300,000 to ₦450,000 for a capacity of 400 guests. Also, they offer a free night in for the newly wedded couple as well as a complimentary changing room. You can also request for decoration items at little or no cost.

Photo: Etal Hotels: travel.jumia.ng

Agura Hotel, Abuja

This venue offers a wide range of options for the couple. In fact, the guest capacity can be as low as a 100 to as high as over 300. The prices also range between ₦120,000, ₦150,000 and ₦180,000.

Photo Credit: Agura hotel: nitestay.com

Prestige Event Centre, Lagos

Located in Owode-Ibeshe road, Ikorodu, this event centre offers quite a lot for just ₦450,000 for a 1000 banquet seating capacity. There is also a CCTV that helps monitor likely happenings as well as a Suite for your most important guests

Photo: Prestige hotel: travel.jumia.ng

UNILAG Multipurpose Hall, Lagos

This centre is at the heart of the University of Lagos Akoka. It has a
general capacity of 5,000 guests. However, depending on the number of
guests you’re inviting, it is offered for as low as ₦350,000 to ₦450,000 for
about 400 people. Another fun fact is that it is fairly easy to
locate. There is also a wide parking space for guests. However, the
downside is that the amount you pay is only for the hall itself including a charge
for cleaning and damages. It does not cover decorations and you will have
to sort out costs for a decorator yourself.

Written by Ojatula Opeyemi