How To Make Your Honeymoon A Memorable One

After the grand wedding ceremony comes, the honeymoon! Most couples are usually very excited about this "Just The Two Of Us" moment. Little wonder why couples put a lot of effort in ensuring they have a romantic honeymoon and a memorable one. However, with all the effort, some honeymoon may not turn out extra special for one or two reasons. Here are some tips to help you achieve an extra special honeymoon.

1. Plan ahead
Do a proper research on places that you can both visit and make sure you pick a location and pick activities that you will both enjoy.

2. Plan surprises
Plan for a surprise that will make your partner feel extra special. You can go to a restaurant that has your partner's favourite dish, get some chocolates delivered to the room or organise a candle-lit dinner as a dinner surprise. The surprise might not be something big, but the thought behind the action will be very appreciated.

3. Forget about time
The honeymoon period is usually the only time couples would have all the time to themselves and have so much fun at the same time after the wedding. Therefore, loosen up and have fun, forget about the time and every other thing. Life is so fast in no time, your honeymoon would be over, and you would be back to your work routine. So enjoy it while it lasts.

4. Discard rigid list of where to visit
I understand there are many places you hope to visit during your honeymoon. However, if you have your mind fixed on a certain thing, you may miss out in exploring a beautiful place together which can be one of the most romantic parts of a honeymoon. Take a walk through the city or town that you visit and explore things spontaneously rather than following a rigid list.

5. Try something new
Try something new that you have always wished to. The exciting part is you would be doing it with your spouse and make sure you both enjoy the moment.

6. Share your deep thought about something every day
Share your thought about something with each other at the end of every day. It could be a secret dream, or what made you first fall in love with your partner, a life ambition. You could share your fantasy with your spouse, talk about your sexuality; what you want and what you don't feel comfortable doing. This act is fulfilling and will make your honeymoon extra special.

7. Plan a fantastic last night
Try to finish your trip off in style, this will always serve as a good memory, and you will have something to look back at and smile. Finish strong!


Photo Credit: Sisiyemmie

Written by Temitope Ikusika