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Helpful Tips to Choosing Your Wedding Colors

After the announcement of your engagement, family and friends prepare for the big day and one question you should certainly expect from your loved ones is "What is your wedding colour(s)?
Choosing the theme for your wedding is very important and definitely one of the first wedding decision you are to make. As it determines some weddings items such as the hall decoration, bridal train colour choice, aso-ebi amongst others.

However, if you find it hard making a colour choice, here are few points that could contribute to making that decision easier for you.

-    Choose a colour that complements the venue
Your choice of colour could determine the hall you would use. For example, a hall interior painted in orange would be good for a brown and cream themed wedding. However, If you do not want to be limited as regards your colour choice you could go for a neutral coloured hall or be ready to pay for a total wall cover.

-    Pick your favourite colour
What better way/day is there, to display your favourite colour, if not at your wedding? Case Closed! .lol

-    Create a mood with your colour
Select the colour that will showcase the mood that you want to create.
Some colour blends perfectly resonate a statement! Therefore, create the aura you want, it's your wedding.

-    Go online
Search on different social media platforms for colour ideas for your wedding. You will be able to get one or two colour inspiration that you will like.

-    Attend weddings you attend
Attending wedding is one of the best places to get first-hand information about something you like or admire. At weddings, you tend to see trends and understand what would work for you or wouldn't. So while turning up at that wedding be sure to get colour inspired!

Photo Credit: Pinterest.com

Written by Temitope Ikusika