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To Have a Destination Wedding or Not?

You’re finally engaged, and that means you have a license to fantasise till you walk down the aisle. Wedding fantasies may have probably existed way long before the 10-carat diamond ring set in 18k yellow gold was placed on your ring finger, complete with the perfect dress, bridal train and colours. The problem now is that you’d like to jump on a plane so you can commence your honeymoon in a successive fashion but not all your close friends can afford it. When life is throwing you lemons, do you make lemonade or lemon meringue pie?
Here are some pros and cons of having a destination wedding:


  • All Inclusive Packages

Pro: Most holiday resorts will offer every wedding ceremony and reception requirement including a designated wedding consultant who will primarily arrange everything including a cake, officiant, entertainment and group accommodation packages.

Con: If your chosen hotel or resort does not have an all-inclusive package, it may be difficult planning all these wedding essentials by yourself. It may be more expensive to engage a wedding planner that will travel with you or resides in your chosen wedding location.


  • Crowd Control

Pro: If you wish to avoid the hustle and bustle of your city, a destination wedding in a serene location is the way to go. It allows you some intimacy and will automatically dispel wedding crashers from being present. Having a destination wedding will instantly cut hundreds of people off your guest list.

Con: There is a huge tendency to discourage close family and friends from attending your wedding because of travelling expenses, health considerations and personal commitments.


  • Wedding Expenses

Pro: Offsetting wedding expenses in local currency may be cheaper than foreign currency depending on how many guests you plan to invite and how elaborate you want your reception to be.

Con: A higher level of unexpected costs will need to be budgeted for in foreign currency. A destination wedding may turn out more expensive even with a smaller number of people.

  • Dress Code

Pros: At a destination wedding, you can opt for a more relaxed dress code if the ceremony will be held on a beach or in a garden. This may negate the need for a change to ‘reception wear’ at a regular wedding held at an events centre or fancy hotel.

Cons: You may face being upstaged by your guests if they do not dress according to the dress code. Unusual pressure may also come from a traditional family who prefer elaborate detail at weddings.

Would you opt for a destination wedding or have a traditional wedding in your city? Go ahead, only if the pros outweigh the cons!


Photo Credit: aroosjoon.com

Written by Feso Adeniji