Habits That Hinder Weight Loss

The journey to weight loss can sometimes look like a long lonely journey. You put in so many efforts by registering at the gym to lose weight, you also follow a diet plan, but your weight still increase.
Do you know that your weight gain can be as a result of few bad habits? Yes, some of these bad habits can hinder your weight loss. Here are some of such.

1. Skipping breakfast
We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Still, we find ourselves skipping this important meal due to various reasons. Studies have shown that those who don't skip breakfast find it easier to lose weight compared to those who do.

2. Eating processed food
Recent studies have shown that a given amount of calories from processed foods will lead to about 50 percent fewer calories burnt after the meal than the same amount of calories from whole foods. This explains that diet that includes a high proportion of processed foods may lead to weight gain
Hence, eating processed food can hinder your weight loss.

3. Taking too much alcohol
Alcohol increases your appetite for food which will make you eat more than expected. Therefore, reduction of alcohol intake would aid weight loss.

4. You rush your meal
Rushing your meal can lead to overconsumption, and this often leads to gut discomfort, indigestion and bloat.

5. You eat out of boredom
Boredom can lead to consuming several hundred unwanted calories which are mostly unhealthy. Therefore, store up your fridge with a healthy meal like fruits that won't hinder or ruin your weight loss process.


Photo Credit: naijapulse.com

Written by Temitope Ikusika