Fashion Tricks that Make your Legs Look Longer

Every lady loves to look like a supermodel. However, we are all not endowed with the looks of a supermodel. But, fortunately, some fashion tricks can fix that. These fashion tricks will instantly make your lower half appear longer, slimmer, and sexier.

1.    Go all black
An all-black outfit will make you look taller and slimmer. It will stretch you out vertically and give you a look with long and lean legs.

2.    Nude shoes
Wear a nude shoe that matches your skin tone. A shoe that blends in with your skin will create a long, uninterrupted line when you’re wearing skirts or shorts. Both the nude shoe and added length from your feet will create the illusion of longer legs.

3.    Go maxi
Wear long maxi gowns or skirts. This style is evergreen trendy, chic and also tricky. With a maxi outfit, no one will know where your legs start; they can only believe your legs are long.

4.    Pick a higher waist
Pick a skirt, pants, or shorts that hit just under your ribs, and tuck in your shirt to highlight the effect. This will trick the eye into thinking your legs start higher up than they do.

5.    High heeled shoes
High heeled shoes are a must have. It does the magic of not just making look taller but if worn with boot-cut jeans or pants. You definitely look like a hot model.

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Written by Temitope Ikusika