#ENIOLA17: From "Bro" to "Boo"


I just never thought I could date Dipo Alawiye,  he looked like a heart breaker with a mission to me, I mean why bother wasting my time, while putting my heart at risk of being smashed and grounded into powder and blown into the water under third mainland bridge, run for your life baby girl.

Also, he was my family friend 's childhood friend,  so I thought it would be smart for me to "brother zone" him. Oh well, the zoning worked for one year and four months, I literally called him "brother Dipo", lol...

However, one thing led to the other, and I started liking brother,  so I decided to give him a chance, I wasn't sure of anything,  I decided to take my chances, living each moment as it came with the very tough times and sweet days...

Today, I count six years, five months of friendship,  five years of dating,  one year, two months of courtship, few days in marriage and forever to come. 


The first time I saw Eniola,  I was with my then girlfriend, and I told myself ' I will marry this girl', I didn't know how,  or when or where, I didn't make any move towards her and I didn't plan to but I just had that conviction.

A couple of years after, I saw her again in my muslin fellowship, and I observed her for over a year then I made my move.

She started forming I have a boyfriend,  you're like my brother, I want to be focused on my future blabla...lol... eventually,  she decided to give us a chance.

At that point, I was not certain of anything, but I knew I liked her and we started the journey.  Getting to know Eniola properly, I realized she's not an average kind of girl, she just knows what she wants in life, and she wastes no time in pursuing it, and her zeal is contagious, she is a constant dose of reality...

With the ups and downs,  we made it through, and  I am a lucky and blessed man to have this woman as my wife, I look forward to life with my Superwoman. That's what she is, Super woman. 

Traditional engagement planned by the couple 
Decoration by @zasevents
Makeup by @lumikeeks
Gele by @face_edition
Aso oke by @mowunmee_alaso_oke
Groom 's outfit by @mohbymoyosore
Beads and veil by #thebride @earniewhine
Written by SWP editor