Dresses and Cocktails: Should Your Bridesmaids Pay?

Everyone on the face of the earth knows how expensive weddings are. A lot of people tend to focus on planning the wedding and may not budget for other activities like the pre-wedding dinner or the bridal shower. Sometimes these costs are spread to the bridal train regardless of the bridesmaids' current circumstances and are seen as a contribution to the wedding due to their position in the bride's ‘inner circle' or in some cases, mere ability to provide funds.
Money matters during weddings have been known to cause strain on friendships and here's why:

A group of six girls in matching baby blue lace and ash silver gele with faces beat by popular makeup artists looks good to everyone except those who have stretched their pockets. With aso-ebi ranging from ₦30,000 to ₦60,000 or more, the bride should opt to pay all or half of the sum, if she really requires that they wear top of the range material. Let's face it; some people may not usually buy such aso-ebi as an addition to their wardrobe just because it's available.

Bridesmaids' Dress
Surely, the designer of the bridesmaids' dress shouldn't matter since the bride is not wearing the chosen style, right? Wrong! It's nice to know that the bride will like her ladies to look top notch but budgeting ₦50,000 to ₦100,000 for a bridesmaid dress that will be probably worn once calls for a refocus on priorities given our current recession.

Hair and Accessories
It's ironic that bridesmaids are told to install hair extensions or make a wig at least twenty inches in length only to be packed up in a fancy updo. Colour coding may also mean new jewellery and a new pair of shoes to complement the outfit. It will be cheaper to work with availability, be it hair or accessories.

Bridal Shower
Don't be a bride that has secretly told one friend (the executor) what you want for your bridal shower and throw a tantrum because you didn't get exactly that. Slumber parties never get old, keep it simple because you're not likely to have as many after the wedding. An extra ₦20,000 to ₦100,000 is not unheard of for bridal showers.

This cost creeps up with a destination or local wedding if you decide to have the convenience of lodging in a hotel near the ceremony and reception location. A good hotel that gives you the pampering and comfort for a night will be nothing less than ₦60,000 (for a room).

Pre-Wedding Dinner
If you must have a pre-wedding dinner, do not impose an unusual dress code that will prompt your bridesmaids to buy new dresses.

Do not forget to plan smaller events surrounding your wedding and include these into your budget. Try not to make last minute additions to your budget in a bid to make your bridal train look as rich as possible. The focus should be on the happiness felt amongst the bride and her bridesmaids as opposed to ‘slaying' together and looking good in wedding pictures.


Photo Credit:i.onthe.io

Written by Feso Adeniji