The Do's and Don'ts of Creating Your Wedding Website

A wedding website is an avenue whereby couples share everything from their
ceremony details to their love story with their guests. Creating a wedding
website can be overwhelming because you have to decide on the amount of
information you plan on sharing.

But, most importantly, a wedding website serves as a guide for your wedding
guests. Below are helpful dos and don'ts for creating your wedding website.

Basic Information

Do : Your wedding website should include basic information about your wedding.
This information is the date, time and venue for your wedding ceremony. Add
maps or directions to the location(s), and information about transportation to and from the wedding.

Don’t input exclusive details about your wedding. Those are for close family
friends. An example of such detail is the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner.

Wedding Theme

Do keep your wedding theme on the website. It will give your guests an idea
what to expect and how to dress. Inform them about the wedding attire and the colour of the day on the wedding website.

Don't use an acronym that your guests won't understand. However, if you decide to
use the short form of a word for whatever reason, you should also explain its meaning.


Do create a small branding for your wedding ceremony. You can use a hashtag.
However, if you decide not to use any hashtag and want to keep things private, state it clearly on the website.

Don't bore your guests with long love stories of how you met. Keep the love
story short and interesting.


Important: Do protect your website by adding a password. This will help avoid wedding crashers. You should give the password to invited guests only.

Photo credit: @whitechaletstudio

Written by Temitope Ikusika