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Checklist For Hiring Your Wedding MC

A wedding MC is in charge of coordinating your wedding reception, making
sure the wedding reception runs as scheduled. A good MC has to stay in
control and remember precisely what should be going on at every step of
your wedding day. Also, a wedding MC sometimes takes care of any unforeseen
incidents during the reception.

Basically, a wedding MC plays a vital role at weddings. That’s why it’s
essential to have a checklist before hiring a mc for your wedding.

Your budget

Have a budget which includes how much you can afford to pay your MC. It
will serve as a guide, so you don’t exceed your spending limits.

Ask around

If you have no clue how or where to hire a wedding mc, you should ask
friends, family and people who have been down that road. They could have an
idea, give a recommendation or advice on how to hire a good one. Top tip:
If you have been to a wedding where you especially liked the emcee’s style,
get his/her contact information.

How organised is the person?

You need to confirm if the person is organised. You won’t want someone that
would mix up the names of your guests, or someone that would not abide by
what you both earlier discussed. An organised person will be conscious of
the time and do things in an orderly manner.

Creativity and Humor

This is quite an important aspect because it would be wonderful if your MC
can infuse a bit of humour when talking. It will make the occasion
interesting and everyone will feel relaxed. Also, someone that is creative
can come up with ideas and games to lighten up the mood and engage the
guests. However, some jokes can be inappropriate sometimes. So, do your
homework and confirm that the person makes jokes that are not offensive.

Ask for sample reel

You need to check out videos of past events to help you determine if you
will hire the person or not.


After you have made your decision to hire the person, negotiate well and
see if you can save some money. Every bit counts if you’re on a tight

Don’t forget to inform your MC about your expectations and any further
details about the wedding.

Photo source: https://www.pinterest.com/candicegreen4/wedding-day/

Written by Temitope Ikusika