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These days, with so many gorgeous fabrics available, in colours that span the spectrum, it's easier than ever to pick winning aso-ebi combinations for your dear friends and family. The term 'aso-ebi' directly translated means "relatives clothes" in Yoruba, and it is common place at weddings and other celebrations to have designated fabrics for a selected group. There are a couple of things that are vital to keep in mind when selecting your wedding aso-ebi

Fabric Colour
Wine, Gold, Purple, Royal Blue, Fuschia, Orange, these are just a few of the colours I have seen at occasions recently. Though brighter colours are preferred for weddings, no colour is off limits, think of how your chosen colour ties into your overall wedding scheme. It also sometimes helps not to lock yourself to a particular colour but instead, to allow inspiration come from a preferred fabric pattern.

Fabric Type
Fabric choices are also quite bountiful, with Ankara and Lace being two very popular options, there is also a growing trend towards raw silk, but be mindful of your friends budgets as it can be quite expensive.

Whatever you decide, remember that you're picking fabric for others so be flexible, I know of a wedding that was called off because both families could not agree on the aso-ebi.

Not sure where to start? Visit the fabric section in our Local Resources for more.

By A. Ejums

Written by Sugar Weddings