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6 Wedding Budget Hacks To Help You Save

Most couples have now learnt to make budgets for their wedding which generally act as a guide to their expenses, even though they aren’t strict with it. There are many areas that are often overlooked when trying to save up on the cost of supplies, decorations, entertainment and even clothing. Here are some wedding budget hacks to help you save a lot of money on your big day:

From designing your wedding logo to being creative with invitations, there are lots of things you can do yourself to save money. Hop on YouTube or different blogs to watch videos and read steps on creating the perfect items for your special moments. It’s not uncommon to find ladies who bake, be in charge of their wedding cake!

Milk The Favours
Got a circle full of talent and creativity? Milk it! Search amongst your close family and friends and identify those willing to pull in favours of cake, designing, decorating or even sewing your ceremony and reception dresses. When times are hard, you have nothing to lose!

Preloved Dresses
Ever considered wearing that designer wedding dress for your big day but you just can’t afford it? Renting dresses is now a viable option as you pay less to be clad with that Vera Wang dress you’ve been eyeing from last season.

Haggle Season
To vendors, it’s annoying to have customers always haggling for price cuts, but that’s not the bride’s problem. If you are serious about cutting down your expenses, then you will haggle most costs for your big day. You may even find that the vendor will be happy to give you a discount especially if you pull in some viable referrals.

Wedding Playlist
A lot of people may not like this but cutting down on DJ costs may just be what you need to take your budget to equilibrium. For a part of the reception, you could play a party playlist mixed by a DJ (or even yourself) to cut down on your afterparty expenses.

No Wedding Favours
Can we get through a wedding without any hand fans, notebooks or cooking spoons? Wedding favours are the ultimate highlight for guests, and although relatives sponsor them on behalf of the couple, that extra money could be gifted to them instead.

Would you ever consider using any of these hacks or are they too cheapskate for you? Happy budgeting and remember to fulfil your needs and not your wants.

Photo Credit: www.ecl3ctic.net

Written by Feso Adeniji