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6 Things Nobody Tells You About Married Life

It's all fun and games at the beginning of marriage until you discover that married life is not as rosy as it seems. Being married is another journey in itself as opposed to dating or courting where different life experiences influence the decisions you make. Here are six things nobody tells you about married life:


The success of marriage is fortified by teamwork because a couple may need to compromise on certain situations and certain practices. Teamwork may not always come at a 50-50 effort; one person may need to put in 70% while the other puts in 30% to get over a particular hurdle.

Resolving Conflicts

Many advise that during your married life, you should never go to bed angry with your spouse. Some couples may be successful in doing this, but it may take longer for other couples to fully adopt this practice due to varying levels of emotional and spiritual maturity. Even if you have forgiven, have you forgotten?

Attraction May Change

Our senses change over time which is why most people advocate for marrying someone who is considered to be your true friend. You may become more attracted to your spouse after sharing more intimate experiences and differently five years into marriage as compared to when you were newlyweds. This case may also be the reverse for some couples due to changes in attitude and appearance.

Keep It Personal

Not everyone has to know about your problems unless you want your problems to be the new story on the block. Your relationship is between you and your spouse; remember that not all friends keep your secrets!

Comparing Your Relationship To Others

Another couple may be on a different journey, and you may not see their troubles from just observing them. The problems that you may have in your relationship, they may not and vice versa.

Work In Progress

Married life shows that people are not perfect, but every day new lessons are learned. Patience is key in maturing together as a couple.

This is by no means an expert advice because different people have different experiences, but it's great to be able to relate to an experience that matches your situation the best. Married life is a whole new journey so have a safe journey!

Written by Feso Adeniji