6 Savoury Food Stations To Have At Your Wedding

If you are thinking of having a different culinary arrangement at your wedding, savoury food bars will serve your purpose and encourage everyone to socialise at the same time. Food stations will work best for smaller intimate weddings and not your average Landmark reception with Obas and first ladies! Willing to try something different? Here are six savoury food stations you should have at your wedding:







Burgers are quick, easy and delicious when combined appropriately with delicious condiments and well-cooked patties made from beef, chicken, seafood or even beans. Small gourmet style burgers are perfect for weddings as opposed to American Sloppy Joes so your guests are not tasked with a juicy mess.

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A selection of savoury bread for your reception may be perfect with the right glass of bubbly. Having toppings on baguette slices such as cheese, tomatoes, spicy sausage and pâté will create the perfect appetisers for your guests.

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A salad bar will be beneficial to guests who are trying to live a healthy lifestyle or may have special dietary needs. Allowing them to have a mix of their favourite wholefoods will enable them to eat clean, train dirty and attend your wedding!

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Sushi may not be everyone's preference, but those who love it, LOVE it. Be sure to let your sushi-loving guests enjoy the goodness of fresh ingredients wrapped up in one wholesome bite with a conglomerate of honest flavours.

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Have the ultimate comfort food station at your wedding with various selections from stir fry noodles to creamy penne and pesto. Give your guests a chance to ‘build a bowl' of their very own customised pasta dish with an array of meats, seafood, poultry and veggies to incorporate into their dish.

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This station will include any beef, poultry or seafood that can be grilled in different ways; from Suya to American barbeque style, your guests would be spoiled for choice. Hire a vendor who understands your needs, serving everything in dainty portions on a stick because of the nature of the event.

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These food stations will bring variety into the Nigerian wedding space but may only accommodate a crowd with certain culinary preferences. When all else fails, turn to good old swallow and Jollof!

Written by Feso Adeniji