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6 Reasons For Divorce and How You Can Avoid Them

The legally recognized union of a man and a woman as partners in a personal relationship is marriage. Meanwhile, a total walk away from this union by both parties is known as a divorce.

Back in the days, divorce used to be something shameful and hidden even when it occurs, but as at today the society seems to have embraced it as a norm, yet culture still frowns at it.

Divorce cases are quite sensitive because it is believed that it comes up in marriage when either the wife or the husband or both parties have exceeded their tolerance limit. And at this point, it is often hard to think reconciliation. This is sad, but the good news is, there are certain things to watch out for to avoid divorce.



Also known as Ego. If no one wants to let go of pride, the resulting problem is resentment which would most likely lead to divorce. To avoid pride from breaking a union couples are advised to take time to understand each other and also settle to the reality that there is no winner and no loser in marriage.


Trust is one key ingredient for the foundation of a lasting marriage. Without trust the marriage is shaky, and multiple problems would arise. The best way to avoid these trust related issues is to learn to be opened with your partner and avoid any situation that gives room for doubt.


There is a saying that admonishes people never to go to bed angry. With this in mind, issues should be resolved as soon as possible. Unresolved problems in marriage only breed anger, resentment, and hatred.


This is particularly very important. Before you say "I do," take time to understand your partner's family. If there are any problems, try to resolve them before walking down the aisle.


People who rush into marriage, also rushes out of it because some important factors were not critically handled. One of such is knowing your partner's health status. The best way to avoid divorce based on health grounds is to be opened to your spouse about your health challenges especially if it's a communicable one.


These days, Infidelity is believed to be the most common reason for divorce. In extreme situations, people end up finding out years later of an existing love child. To avoid this risk letting all the cats out of the bag! It's safer for your happiness in future. Remember yet again your wedding vows, see the best in your partner and most importantly, take your time to work out your differences and make each other better.

Written by Dr. Mute Akpomedaye