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5 Ways to End a Relationship and Remain Friends

Relationships are meant to be cherished; no one wants to see the end of a relationship when it starts. The butterflies want to be felt forever, but sometimes the end of a relationship is inevitable. Most people never want to hear or even speak about their ex. This basically depends on how things evolved.

According to a 2004 NBC.com poll, 48 percent of people surveyed said they stayed friends with their ex after a breakup, while 18 percent stated that they tried to, but it didn't work out. Technically, it is possible to remain friends with your ex. Here are five ways to practically end a relationship and remain friends.

1. Know when to call it quit

Extending a relationship you see no future in is emotionally torturing. When you know you have to end the relationship because it's going nowhere, its best to end it. Prolonging it would only cause deep hurt. There's room to remain friends afterward if done properly.

2. Talk about it 

Try not to keep your partner puzzled. Talk about reasons why the relationship should end clearly stating why you are not willing to go on with it. There may be no perfect way to it but find a good time and respect them enough to speak about it politely avoiding sensitive words.

3. Give your Ex time to heal

Ending a relationship isn't a very pleasant experience especially when it's a relationship that you see no reason why it should end. Therefore, you need to give your ex time to heal. The end of the relationship isn't the best time to ask to be friends. You have to give them enough time to move past that phase, and then you can speak again and maybe stating your intention of remaining friends.

4. No Drama

Avoid dramatic breakups especially in a public place. It's usually not worth it. With no drama, friendship with your ex is a possibility.

5. No Social Media Shaming

Social media isn't the best place to go show off a new relationship right after ending one. Or telling the world a thousand and one reasons why you ended the relationship with your ex. Avoid the social media drama and move on with your life.

Meanwhile, one may wonder why you are bent on being friends with your ex. Notwithstanding, If it's safe, good! If it's not, it is advisable to cut your ex totally out especially if he/she would be a threat to your next relationship.

Written by Dr. Mute Akpomedaye