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5 Ways to Calm your Nerves on Your Wedding Day

The most important day in your life could also be the most stressful day you’ve ever experienced; one of such is your wedding day. Brides tend to want to know and see to certain things on their big day and end up being stressed. And at times it’s just an overdose of excitement that makes it so difficult to be calm. ( very Understandable)

However, it is essential for a bride to stay calm and chilled for every reason; it’s your wedding, you don’t want to sit back to check out your wedding pictures and see yourself looking like Cruella de Vil. This is how to;

-    Have an emergency kit
One of the best ways to ensure you stay calm during your wedding day is to have an emergency kit. This will help cover up for unseen disasters, in case such happens. So gather up things in your emergency kit. The items in your emergency kit should include stain removal, mini sewing kit, pads, hairspray, safety pins, tampons, toothbrushes and toothpaste, a blow dryer, curling iron, water, gum, paper bags, cotton balls, makeup remover etc.

-    Be organized
This will prevent you from freaking out because you know where you kept your wedding items, what time your bridesmaids ought to arrive and vendors also. Therefore, create a schedule, inform your bride maids, families and vendors before the wedding to keep them informed.

-    Visualize your honeymoon
Just in case things are going not as planned and everything looks so stressful. The best way to escape from the whole stressful situation around is to visualize your honeymoon.
Trust me; this is the best way to calm your nerves and not go overboard with how things are turning out.

-    Get nostalgic
When you feel so stressed out, and you are getting pissed due to one issue or the other. Then, you should take a moment to remind yourself of how it all started and how far you both have gone. This will suddenly melt your heart and keep you calm.

-    Pick your bridal train based on your relationship with the persons
This cannot be overemphasized. You should pick your groomsmen and bridesmaid based on how close you are with the person because you need to surround yourself with people that truly understand you and also want the best for you. These set of people will prevent you from getting stressed out or will help you stay chilled when you get tensed.

Photo Credit:nannigeria.com

Written by Temitope Ikusika