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5 Tips to Dealing with a Difficult Mother In Law

The issue of a difficult mother in law has been around since far back. It is quite a sensitive issue to handle. This explains why most ladies and guys often pray for a good mother in law. Truly, some mother in law can be so much work to deal with. One just has to find a way to handle the situation especially if your mother in law lives with you.
On that note, these are tips on how to deal with a difficult mother in law.


1. Express your feeling to your spouse
Let your spouse know about how you feel about the situation, let him or her be aware of how hard the situation is on you. Try not to criticize your mother in law just come out plain and be honest about the situation. Also, try to get your spouse support in this matter. Your spouse support is much needed in dealing with the situation at hand.

2. See her good trait and show her love
You never can know what love can do. Maybe your mother in law just need extra love from you and her attitude towards you will change. To show her love, you should focus on her good traits and just make her feel accepted and let her know she is well loved.

3. Set boundary
To deal with this situation, there is a need for you and your spouse to set a boundary of how things will run in your home. The important part is that you and your spouse must agree on the boundary you want to set. This will send a signal to your mother in law, and she should do the right things to set things straight. Also, you and your spouse should let her know about the boundary you have set in your home.

4. Be assertive
Be firm when you talk or deal with your mother in law. Let her know you mean whatever you say, and this does not mean you are rude or not polite. This will send a signal to her that you are not timid or you can't handle the situation at hand. It will make her realize that she can't behave anyhow with you and make things difficult for you. Hopefully, She should end up doing things the right way.

5. Learn on how to deal with your anger
A difficult mother in law can make you get so angry and will lead to you exchanging words with your mother in law. Trust me, anger or exchanging words with your mother in law won't help the situation and it will only make it worse. So I advise you just avoid such situation and deal with the matter in a mature way.

In conclusion, remember your mother in law is part of your family, so you just have to try your best to make things work. This will make your life much better.

Written by Temitope Ikusika