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5 Skin Care Tips for Surviving Harmattan

Harmattan is easily the driest season of the year in this part of the
world; there’s usually a cold, dusty breeze every morning followed by an
unpleasant bout of the hottest sun. If you have stayed in Nigeria anytime
from December to February, you know the chapped lips and dry elbows are
about to get real followed by an ultimate heat wave. Here are five skin
care tips for surviving the Harmattan season.

Hydrate: Drink Up!

What goes into your body is bound to show externally, and since water is
great for your skin, you can use it to tackle the dryness. Also, your skin
is made up of 64% water content, so feed it with what it deserves to
rejuvenate fresh skin cells.


You should have a lip balm made of Shea butter and oils or some Vaseline on
standby because Harmattan is also cuffing season. Don’t deter future Bae.
Imagine his or her first sight being a pretty/handsome face… with cracked
lips. Your skin will also get dry pretty quickly so if you haven’t been
using lotion at all or sparingly, it’s time to buff up your skin with some
additional moisturising agents like shea butter and oil (olive, coconut or
even castor).

Exfoliate with DIY Recipes

Buff your skin further by removing that dead layer with exfoliating agents.
If you do not want to buy, you could make yourself an exfoliating scrub at
home with a mixture of some natural ingredients like salt, sugar, honey,
oils, coffee and even garri.

Cleanse with added Moisture

Some soaps will dry your skin out during the Harmattan. Be sure to
incorporate a mix of oils and natural butters into your cleansing agents.

Try Face Masks

To keep your face smooth and fresh during the Harmattan, treat yourself to
some facials or use a face mask at home with natural ingredients. Use
ingredients such as avocado, oats, honey and yoghurt.

What has your experience been with Harmattan? In addition to drinking lots
of water for your skin, fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with loads
of vitamins and will make your skin have a peculiar shine of its own.
Nevertheless, prepare for this time and say no to ashy elbows!

image via: pioneerthinking.com

Written by Feso Adeniji