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4 Annoying Habits That a Bride Should Drop!

The journey to becoming a “Mrs.” could be made relatively easier, but sometimes the wedding buzz takes over the show, altering our financial and emotional mannerisms. Here are four annoying habits that a bride should drop:

Being unnecessarily cheap
The wedding industry amounts to over $40 billion because of the unique experiences that brides request for nowadays. Therefore, if you are ordering peacock feathers, its best to resonate within yourself that such items are exotic and probably expensive.DO NOT follow your market-place instinct of pricing to the barest minimum to get the best “deal” for yourself and just prioritize what’s really important on your wedding day.

Having Bigger dreams than your budget
A lot of vendors also complain bitterly about brides that want a specific show of entertainment but are not able to pay with their current budget. Some of the entertainment curated for the wedding and after party may be done on a last-minute basis. Don’t tell your wedding planner that you’d like dancers, fire-breathers and stilt- walkers at your wedding but you’re not able to pay the full price of these things. Please remember that wedding vendors are in business and are not offering services on charitable causes!

Forgetting that people have commitments
Your attitude towards your guests and your bridal train will say a lot about how you live your life and what kind of person you generally are. Have you taken into consideration the career or business factors of your close family and friends? As much as it’s your special day, it’s better to confirm the availability of your close friends and family during your chosen wedding season so that you can have the most important people around to offer you support, emotionally and otherwise.

Transferring entertainment costs to your guests
Try as much as possible not to make your bridal train or guests from out of town pay to make themselves comfortable to attend your wedding. Putting some money towards hotel bills and catering will go a long way after spending a significant amount on travel, especially if you are having a destination wedding.

Are you guilty of any of these? Sometimes these habits originate from a place of worry. Just keep calm, have the best celebration you can within your means and enjoy your wedding.


Photo Credit: weddingforliving.com

Written by Feso Adeniji